Monday, October 14, 2019

Symposium registration is open!

 We are happy to announce that the registration for our symposium is open. You can register using any of two ways:

1)  Register online by filling Google form using this link. (Форма на русском языке для русскоязычных также имеется).
2) Or register by filling the form below and sending it to us via e-mail * - Compulsory questions are marked with asterisks. 

1. Surname*

2. First name*

3. Position*

4. Title and degree*

5. Name of the institution with mail address*

6. Phone number (with country and city code)*

7. Fax (with country and city code)

8. E-mail*

9. Form of participation (oral presentation, poster, without report)*

10. Preliminary presentation topic (1-8) as listed in the first circular

10a. Preliminary presentation title (if available)

11. Need in an invitation (yes/no)

12. Your comments and/or suggestions

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